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AI and Prompt-Imaging

Imagining Things

AI is here. Although sceptical at first, I have embraced this new technology and regularly discover new advantages it brings to the creative process! Creating individualised content has never been this cost-effective! As with every tool, knowing how to use it properly is the key to fulfilling its true potential. It doesn't create by itself, but needs reliable instructions.

With my background and knowledge in photography I have learned the perks and challenges that AI imaging entails. Specific camera settings, mood descriptions and knowing what you are looking for are essential factors. With this background, I have become an expert in wielding this powerful tool.

Some Perks include:

- Photorealistic image pictures for your brand in the fields of art and fashion

- Images and icons for site-specific content

- Nor more long and expensive licensing complications

Work and Clients

Image- and social media pictures for a perfume designer.


Years of working with various haircare brands and hearing the confusion on too many product options from women all over the world, sparked Lazarus to create his own streamlined haircare collection and perfumes. Carrying a deep love for his craft and the world of fragrance, he dreamt off marrying the emotional connection that perfume brings to the ritual of haircare.

Website Images and Website Icons


A small pharmaceutical company with particular focus on the development and production of generics.

Website Icons for a writer and speaker website


"Ihre transalpine, zweisprachige Voice-Over-Sprecherin, analytische Kommunikatorin und emotionale Texterin. Unser gemeinsames Ziel?

Kommunikation und Inhalte, die wirken!"

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