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Selected Articles


DIE ZEIT Online - Es ist HIV Serie

Die Zeit Online Serie über HIV, Dating und meine Diagnose. Ausgezeichnet mit dem Anerkennungspreis der Ärztekammer Wien 2017 für "besondere Journalistische Leistungen"

DIE ZEIT Online - Meine Angst

Ein Text über die Nachweisgrenze, und die Angst in Beziehungen.

THE GUARDIAN - My Life in Sex

Still working under my pseudonym, I wrote a little piece about my life with HIV for The Guardians "My life in sex" series.

Erika Lust Blog - HIV gave me a new purpose

HIV is an important topic - especially in the porn-industry! Guest writing for the Erika Lust blog, I still used my pseudonym at the time. To share my story, and raise awareness!

PLUS Magazine - How HIV improved my sex life

A little history of how HIV impacted my sexlife - from self doubts and fears, to a new approach and attitude that would change my life forever.

Long Reads and Other Stories


Guns, Bribes and Steel

A journey into Pakistans tribal areas, to visit the infamous Darra Adam Khel - where gun-building is a family tradition.

Metropole Magazine - Hippie Island

Participating at the Impuls Tanz dance festival... as a novice...

Metropole Magazine - Covid Flight 19

The odd experience of a repatriation flight during the first weeks of the Covid Pandemic, written for Metropole Magazine.

Travel Stories


Wellness on Mallorca (EN)

Tucked away in the forests of Mallorca, this luxury spa hotel offers the perfect retreat...

ÖGZ Magazin - El Nacional Barcelona

Eine Serie an ausgewählten kulinarischen Erlebnissen in Barcelona.

ÖGZ Magazin - Kleines Baskenland

Eine Serie an ausgewählten kulinarischen Erlebnissen in Barcelona.

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