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HIV and the arts

Since my own HIV diagnosis, I have embarked on the journey to confront HIV in an artistic way. I started out with confronting HIV and its impact on my life, hoping to share the feelings and sensations with a broader audience. Over the years, the range of topics grew; sexuality, intimacy and social stigmas are now dominating subjects in my work.

Follow the link for more insights, my work and snippets of exhibitions in London, Paris, Vienna and Barcelona.



Having recently attained my degree as a couples- and sexual counsellor, I am embarking on this new path in my career. Including my own experience and reflections, I offer a therapeutic approach in various fields.

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Collaborations and Publications

Over the years, I have opened up publicly about my status and my life with HIV, allowing me to be a frequent speaker and guest on podcasts and other publications. As an expert in topics related to HIV, sexual health and sexuality, I am always happy to share thoughts and insights on the topics.


Follow the link for some of the highlights, including Die Zeit, Der Spiegel and the BBC!

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