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Photography, Painting and Installations

As a photojournalist I captured the lives of others.

As a fashion photographer, I captured the creativity and beauty of others.

All of this changed after my HIV diagnosis. Ever since I reflect on the transformations caused and inspired by the HIV infection in 2013.

An undefined, biological bond between my body and an alien entity forces me to reflect on different perceptions of the concept of the self, emotional states and questions the fluid subjectivity of being.

Latest Exhibitions Highlights

Zero Discrimination Day 2024

I have loaned a selection of my works to be shown at the "AIDS Hilfe Haus" in Vienna, for an art and social event in which the guests are invited to join a talk about discrimination and HIV. March 1st, 2024!


Installation at the Museums Quarter Vienna

World AIDS Day is always something special. Events around the world, video screenings and the telling of stories. For WAD2023, I initiated a screening and Q&A; showing the video works of 6 artists part of Visual AIDS.Next to this, I had the privilege of having a collage of my works installed infront of the Museums Quarter until the end of January 2024!

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-29 at 18.34.32.jpeg

Paris Exhibition - ArtPositive

This is it - the big one!

For the first time, a group of people openly living with HIV got together for an exhibition in Paris. And I am honored to have been one of them. Centrally located at the Galerie Marie d`Holmsky, we came, we exhibited and we planted the flag that living openly with HIV is nothing to hide from!


Barcelona - Group Exhibitions

One thing leads to the next. And after I participarted at a group exhibition at the Mrs. Toolip Gallery in Barcelona, I was quickly invited to participate at another one at the M Space. Trying a new approach, I showed some rare overpainted photography work of mine.


Cologne, Monheim, Düsseldorf - Exhibitions in Germany

Over the past few years, I frequently travelled all over Germany. For conferences, projects, interviews...and exhibitions. Of course, the highlights are the solo shows - one in Monheim am Rhein 2019, the other at the Malkasten Verein in Düsseldorf - 2021.

London - An outing experience

Still using the pseudonym I had at the time - Philipp Spiegel - I needed anoymity. And yet after the group exhibition at the Espacio Gallery in London, I felt ready to drop it and come out in the open. The first show abroad, with enormous impact on the path I would eventually take.


Going Viral 2018

The urge was simply too great. I had to do it. Working in solitude for several months, my desire to finally show my work - my documentation about living with HIV - I finally had my first exhibition at the Kulturraum Hörnesgasse in Vienna. The first of many more to come.

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