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Capturing moments that speak volumes, my photojournalism brings authenticity and emotion to every frame, telling stories that resonate with viewers. From riveting events to intimate portraits, I can provide the perfect narrative.


Infusing fashion with narrative depth, my reportage-style photography captures the essence of each moment, creating captivating visuals that redefine the traditional fashion photography.


From dynamic portraits to high-profile congresses, my photography seamlessly encapsulates the energy and professionalism of each occasion, delivering visuals that elevate your brand's story and message.


Having extended experience in product photography and art reproduction my technical expertise ensures every detail is faithfully captured, providing clients with stunning visuals that showcase the true essence and quality of their artwork or products.


AI and Prompting

A new technology, and a new world. Combining your needs with my experience in photography, creating image pictures and website content has never been easier! Although I am sad about the fact that certain types of photography is being replaced, I have embraced this new tool and have found great pleasure in adapting it for my clients!

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