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Podcast Guest


Die Zeit Online - "Ist das normal?"

"Er ist ein Mann, weiß und hetero: Das Virus war kein Thema. Bis der Autor Christopher Klettermayer zufällig von seiner HIV-Diagnose erfährt. Und sein Leben neu beginnt."

Lvstprinzip Podcast - "Feucht"

The pleasure of podcasting in full swing! Theresa Lachner hosts one of germanys biggest sex podcasts, and I had the pleasure of talking about blood sweat and tears, and all things HIV. Sadly only in german!

POZ Vibe Podcast - "Straight Pride"

I had the pleasure of having a long and lovely chat with the team from the POZ Vibe Podcast based in Dublin, Ireland. Talking of the straight guy in the room, sex, fun and the usual HIV topics, along with the amazing artist Neil Watkins.



Der Spiegel - "Schöneres, neues Leben"

Ein Interview über Sex und Dating mit Der Spiegel

BBC Mundo - An interview in Spanish

My story in BBC Mundo – about my diagnosis and the challenging years to follow; about dating, self reflection and love. 

Creative Collaborations


Silent Disco at the EACS and DÖAK

After creating and producing radioplays about my HIV diagnosis, we presented the result as a "silent disco" event at the German-Austrian AIDS Congress in Bonn, as well as the European AIDS Congress in Warsaw, Poland 2023. Followed by a Q&A.

Kurzfilm "Nicht die 80er"

With the vast range of texts I have written over the years, I was honored to have Marleen Valien decide to direct a short film based on them! Helping out with the script, the short film ended up receiving awards and nominations all over the world! Winner of the Goya Quick Bites Short Film Award at the Miami Film Festival 2023, Honorable Mention at the HollyShorts Festival 2022 and the Audience Award at the Filmfest Dresden 2022.

"Live Life Aufklärungskampagne" - Deutschland

Having participated in several HIV-awareness campaigns, this was one of the biggset. Next to online interviews found in the link, I also had the privilege of modelling for a poster campaign.

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